It’s good to have a layout of things or ideas, to have some kind of organization before the storm arrives and leaves everything in rubble.

Because once the storm has come to exist and has been established in earthen history, the formerly assembled cluster of thoughts will give rise to new waves of wonders and perspectives.

Still, while one person may find delight in symmetry and structure, another may find more interest in chaos and clutter.

Why is that?

Is it because of convenience or aesthetic? Is it to be part of a greater system or is it to single ourselves from everyone around us? Or is it something completely unrelated to the topic of orderliness?

What I mean to say is that the reason and way Person A organizes his or her belongings is usually, if not always, different from the those of Person B.

Still, there lies the common purpose behind order (or lack thereof): enabling our lives to move forward.


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