Window Shopping

Photo ©2012 by Josué Goge [CC-by-2.0]
 I love window shopping, whether it be strolling through the many clothing and food shops of malls or simply scrolling through countless websites.

I love feeling the excitement and awe that originate from discovering across the perfect miniature crossbody bag from Strathberry or the dainty jewelry piece from Forever 21 that would compliment my favorite outfits.

However, these feelings don’t come without a price.

I am constantly reminded that no matter how much I may desire a particular item, I lack the means to acquire it.

Similar to a majority of people in the world, I window shop because I can’t afford to buy every clothing item I deem worthy of purchase. But I still enjoy imagining what life would be like if I could afford everything I set my heart on.

That is why I aspire to be as rich as Mariah Carey, a popular American singer and songwriter, or Tom Cruise, a famous actor whose won three Golden Globe awards.

I wish to be rich enough to not have to worry about my financial state despite going on a shopping spree every other day. I wish to be rich enough to shower my friends with countless gifts because to me, they deserve the world. I wish to be rich enough to donate to every charity and organization that prove beneficial in furthering humanitarian causes.

The many possibilities that go hand-in-hand with wealth excite me because money is what truly makes the world go round.


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