Photo ©2014 by Christian Benseler [CC-by-2.0]
 The icon of hopes and dreams. The place of untold tales and hidden secrets. The symbol of love and family.


According to Statista, in 2015, approximately 18.28 million people visited this famous amusement park to enjoy its numerous attractions and delicious foods while spending precious time with loved ones.

However, there lies the difficulty of being able to afford the expensive admission prices, overpriced meals, costly souvenirs, etc., especially since the prices have continued to increase over the years.

As stated in Michael Hiltzik’s Los Angeles Times column Have Disneyland tickets outpaced inflation? Yes, but …, the Disneyland unrestricted Annual Pass demonstrated a 35% increase from $779 to $1,049.

Why is this? Why the increase in costs? Have the rides become significantly more exhilarating? Have five-star restaurants been built?

I also question the relationship between the quality of a person’s experience at Disneyland and the price he or she pays for that experience.

The basic question is are people getting their money’s worth (Is Disneyland worth spending a day at or are people better off spending that money elsewhere?).


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