What do you want to be when you grow up?

Photo ©2011 by Tom Bastin [CC-by-2.0]
Freshman year, I told myself that I had time to think about what career I would like to pursue, so I didn’t think much about the endless possible paths.

Sophomore year, I said I wanted to be an optometrist when College and Career Day rolled along, just so that it would seem as if I had a direction in mind.

Junior year, I thought I would pursue a profession in physical therapy. In fact, I planned out the next ten years of my life, but…I changed my mind. I don’t wish to pursue a medical career.

That same year, I decided that I wanted to be a journalist or a news editor. However, I don’t want to be chasing stories for the rest of my life.

Then I looked for occupations that wouldn’t require eight or more years of college education. I came across careers as an air traffic controller, actuary, petroleum engineer, etc.

After reading and researching about countless jobs, I’m still lost and unsure about my future. However, I find comfort in that there are many others who are also still seeking the right path for them.

It’s quite common for high school students all over the world to not have definite career choices in mind since they have yet to experience what the world has to offer.


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