My Biggest Goal

Photo ©2013 by Nicolas Raymond [CC-by-2.0]
It’s beneficial to have long-term goals to work towards because with them come certain virtues and skills that cannot be developed by solely chasing short-term dreams.

The idea is that the harder and longer you work to achieve something, the more satisfaction you obtain when you do reach your destination.

My most important long-term goal is to be able to travel luxuriously, hopefully with my significant other. By “luxuriously,” I mean vacationing in exotic places, staying in five-star hotels, flying in helicopters, etc.

There is this fantastical idea that one can simply leave everything behind to go and see the world as if travelling isn’t an expensive activity that should require much preparation and planning.

As much as I would love to do just that, I understand that there are many prerequisites to luxurious travelling, the most vital being income. Generally, a person needs a lot of money to participate in costly recreations.

To acquire that sort of revenue, I must accomplish certain tasks, such as obtaining a good education and securing a stable job. These tasks are also long-term goals that are linked to my ultimate goal.

You see, long-term goals are interesting because shorter-term goals are often needed to ensure that you reach your final objective. In a way, all of your goals are connected because every event affects other instances one way or another.

I’d like to believe that everyone’s goals are woven in a complex web of short-term and long-term dreams.


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