Why I Write

Pen and Paper
Photo ©2012 by Dinuraj K [CC-by-2.0]
Why do I write?

I write so that I can remember the things I love about people, especially my friends. I’d love to remember all the wonderful things we’ve done together, all the places we’ve been to, all the sights we’ve seen, all the foods we’ve eaten…


It is the we, which impels me to write. Ten or fifteen years from now, I want to look back on all the memories we’ve shared and smile at them no matter how distressing the situations may have been at the time.

Only writing can truly help me remember everything, even the things I wish didn’t happen.

Because I cannot control what another person remembers, I write letters for them because that way, my friends will have something to remember me by. Maybe I am selfish in this way. I want them to remember me the way I remember them.

I also write because I am too shy to tell him all the feelings I have for him. It’s too overwhelming, frightening too, to just tell him all the emotions I get when I see or even just think about him.

I will continue to write because I am unsure. Unsure of what to say, what to do, what to feel. I write to remember these emotions.

I write to remember the time when things felt right. And everything was wonderful, and I didn’t worry about things the way I do now.

I write to let the time pass, and feelings too.


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