Photo ©2013 by gsloan [CC-by-2.0]
It finally rained again in my city in southern California, and despite the intense need for water in a drought-ridden state, I found it difficult to enjoy the weather.

I couldn’t enjoy the feeling of cold water droplets against my skin or the lack of sunlight shining on my face. I also did not like how the ground was much more slippery and full of dirty puddles. Due to my clumsiness, I’m bound to misstep and accidentally soak my feet in muddy rainwater.

Still, I acknowledge that there are some things that are better with rain. For example, watching movies or a television series while sipping from a mug of warm hot chocolate is especially comforting with the sound of raindrops hitting the glass windows.

I have yet to discover what other delights rainy days would bring into my life.


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