Animal Adoptions

Photo ©2011 by yoppy [CC-by-2.0]
Earlier this week, I watched a Youtube video by Julie Zhan who vlogged to raise awareness for pet adoptions. In this video, she played with an adorable and tiny kitten to appeal to the audience’s love for cute animals.

I, for one, was definitely in love with the baby kitten who had yet to be adopted. Because the video took place in December of 2015, I’m sure the playful munchkin had already been accepted into a kind and loving family. Or well, I hope so.

People have coined the phrase “adopt. Don’t shop” to help end mills that breed pets solely for economic purposes and end up abusing these animals in the process.

However, I think that the more effective way of tackling the problem of mills is to shut down the mills. Adopting animals will only get society so far because if mills continue to breed more animals each year, that would mean more animals that need to be adopted. Unfortunately, not every household would like a pet to be part of the family.

It would be beneficial to investigate the origins of mills in order to put an end to their future.


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