Christmas Trees

Photo ©2014 by U.S. Department of Agriculture [CC-by-2.0]
To my surprise, I discovered that various shopping centers have already set up their Christmas trees, complete with ornaments, lights, and stars on the very top. Christmas is still roughly about two months away, yet the festive spirit has already begun.

When I was younger, I always thought that people only used one specific kind of tree, that tree being the fir tree. However, now I know that there are other types of trees that people use to celebrate the holidays.

For example, there are pine trees, spruce trees, cypress trees, and cedar trees! All have their own unique characteristics and special feel to them.

However, I must ask. Who gets to decide what can be a Christmas tree and what can’t? Why can’t maple trees or cucumber trees be Christmas trees? All trees are beautiful, so I believe that all trees should be used to encourage the holiday spirit. 🙂


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