Doctor Strange

Photo ©2015 by Prishank Thapa [CC-by-2.0]
This weekend, I watched the newly released movie Doctor Strange, which is about a man who seeks to heal his heavily damaged hands in order return to his life as a talented neurosurgeon.

I was initially compelled to this film for two reasons: the production company was Marvel Studios (an American motion picture studio that has produced a majority of my favorite movies), and the leading actor is Benedict Cumberbatch (one of my favorite actors of all time, especially after I watched the British drama series Sherlock).

By the end of the two-hour movie, I had found much delight in the CGI, the hero’s journey theme, the interesting personalities of diverse characters, etc.

I acknowledge that there have been movies that include other universes, movies that involve separation between one’s soul and body, and movies that center around superheroes.

However, the way this particular movie combines all these different aspects from movies of various concepts essentially contributes to Doctor Strange‘s success.


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