America’s Future

Clinton, Trump pick up big wins
Photo by Casey Reynolds

Democracy is intentionally contentious but governance requires, at some point, graceful acknowledgment of an election’s results and at least some level of commitment to cooperation. – Mickey Edwards

I think that Edwards’s piece about America needing a graceful loser is interesting because it reminded me of what my history class has recently learned. After Thomas Jefferson became president, John Adams established a precedent for a peaceful transition of power from one political party to another. However, the 2016 election may go against that precedent and essentially divide the nation even further because Trump implied that he may not accept the election’s results. Even if the next four years turn out to be a huge catastrophe, I believe that in order to prevent the 2020 election from being another disaster, Americans should be more educated in American history to better address modern conflicts, especially since is is true that history repeats itself.


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