Feature Photo ©2011 by Miki Yoshihito [CC-by-2.0]

I believe that for some people, no matter how much they may prepare for an interview, they may never seem to have one completely free of stuttering or awkward pauses. For me, I find the most difficulty in trying to think of the next best question to ask once the person has finished providing his or her answer to my previous question.

Do I ask a follow-up question directly related to the question I had just asked? Or do I ask about something that they brought up in their most recent answer? Should I move on to the next topic?

With all these questions in my head, I can’t focus on what the person is saying even though I’m maintaining eye contact and nodding and smiling to whatever he or she is saying. Once he or she is done with their answer, I suddenly realize that I don’t know what to say, and there we have it. An awkward silence.


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