Pavlova’s Poem

Featured Photo ©2005 by Bev Sykes [CC-by-2.0]

To converse with the greats

by trying their blindfolds on;

to correspond with books

by rewriting them;

to edit holy edicts,

and at the midnight hour

to talk with the clock by tapping a wall

in the solitary confinement of the universe.

– Vera Pavlova, To converse with the greats

What delights me is that after reading this poem for the first time, the reader is left in almost complete confusion. After reading Pavlova’s work a second, third, and maybe a forth time, readers begin to form different interpretations from the same literary piece.

My interpretation of this poem is that it describes a process to remember people of the past. In order to remember deceased loved ones, people fall into a period of darkness in which they mourn and long for a happier future.

Then they write books, letters, journal entries, etc. which act as forms of therapy that help prevent memories from fading away.

Eventually, someone will come along and say it’s time to move on because the clock never stops for anyone.


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