My Brother’s Birthday

Chocolate Lava Cake from Denny’s

Today, for my older brother’s birthday, my family visited a restaurant called Denny’s because my brother was craving pancakes. There, I ordered an omelette with steak, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, and onions as my main course and then a chocolate lava cake as dessert.

I had never tried a lava cake before, but I have seen a myriad of pictures and videos of how to make the seemingly delicious treat. My expectations were disappointed upon discovering that the dessert was too chocolatey for my taste. I relayed my opinion of the lava cake to a dear friend who said, “Wait there’s such thing as being too ‘chocolatey?'”

His question got me thinking. How much chocolate is too much chocolate? Few people can consume an excessive amount of chocolate without getting sick of the treat. I am not one of those people. How much chocolate can I consume before getting sick of it? I know that I can eat much more Kit Kat’s than Reese’s before ending up despising chocolate. However, three spoonfuls of the lava cake left my hunger for chocolate satisfied.


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