A Norwegian preschool field trip

Photo ©2009 by Todd Huffman [CC-by-2.0]

In Norway, a preschool took its children to visit a reindeer slaughterhouse, where the children witnessed bloody reindeer pelts. Some even participated in the process of separating reindeer parts by throwing them into a dumpster.

I feel absolutely appalled at this loss of innocence of the children who haven’t even lived a decade of their lives yet. It is true that children should be exposed to the world in order for them to grow and develop, but there is a limit to what they can be shown until they’ve experienced the lesser horrors of the world.

Even though the parents apparently permitted their children to participate in the field trip, were the parents aware of the various activities that their children would be taking part in? And the sights that they would be shown?

And does the education system in the area have field trip guidelines that the preschool must abide by? If so, what are those guidelines, and how did they even allow the slaughterhouse to be considered a possible field trip? If not, will the teachers receive consequences?


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