How do you pick your career?

Photo ©2010 by Miki Yoshihito [CC-by-2.0]
In the middle of a conversation with an elderly person, he asked me what career I wanted to pursue after high school.

I’m not completely sure what I want to be yet, but I do have a clue as to what I can imagine myself doing for 40+ years of my life. However, past conversations with friends and family have led me to reconsider the order of importance of things in my life.

Should I pick a career based on the income I’d receive or the happiness I’d feel as I work?

For questions like these, there are never black and white answers. Of course I should have an occupation that makes me happy but still provides me with financial stability. After all, this is my life that I’m living and no one else’s.

But my life has the power to impact those around me just as other people’s decisions will influence mine even if we’ve never met. For example, I may have children in the future, and how much money I earn will play a large role their lives. The well-being of my husband and me may end up being on the line if I dismiss the economical value of my future job and only consider how much happiness I would have.

If I dismiss my level of happiness, I may end up miserable and unsatisfied.

Because I still have time left to decide what career I would like to pursue, I will use that time to investigate my interests and determine how happy or wealthy I’d be if I were to make decisions based on different passions.


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