Divisions Within Society

Photo ©2014 by Pictures of Money [CC-by-2.0]
Lucinda Rosenfeld’s “Notes on the Upper Muddle” highlights divisions that are so ingrained in society that even children naturally find themselves drawn to certain groups of people.

Similar to the saying “birds of a feather flock together,” Rosenfeld speaks about her own daughter who somehow managed to find the only other child in her 25-student class whose parents, like Rosenfeld, work in book publishing.

Although it makes sense for people to befriend those with similar backgrounds, wealth, etc., I’m not saying that it’s a totally good thing, but I’m also not claiming that it’s a totally bad thing either.

It’s usually easier and more likely that a person will get along with another person of similar tastes, after all. Still, it is better that we branch out from our social groups and meet other people with different interests and backgrounds because who knows? Maybe you’ll meet your best friend that way. Or possibly your significant other. Or maybe just a good friend you can rely on.

In any case, the skill to branch out and meet other people can be taught in schools so that children can learn to better interact with one another and avoid self-segregation amongst themselves. From this, future generations can learn to live more peacefully and in harmony.


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