FVHS Students Unite


In just three hours, a petition for January 23 to be a No School Day had reached over 3,000 signatures. The reasoning behind this highly supported request is the potentially dangerous car accidents that may result from the El Niño-like weather in Southern California.

FVHS students are concerned for their parents’ and their own safety if they were to arrive to school in the unpleasant weather. Streets near the school, such as Newland St., are flooded, so students who walk to school may be forced to endure the hazard or find alternate routes. The latter decision may cost the student his or her timeliness.

Also, many students drive to school and their limited experience of driving may prove to be an obstacle to get to school. Those who drive their younger siblings to school may end up putting everyone in the vehicle at risk.

Besides the trouble of reaching school, students and teachers will find themselves stumbling through large puddles at school as thunderstorms are expected to be occur around 11 a.m. while rainy weather is expected to continue until past 5 p.m.

Another problem to consider is students’ books and homework becoming damaged due to the rain because not everyone is fortunate enough to have umbrellas to help protect themselves and their materials from the harsh weather. Furthermore, even those with umbrellas may find themselves struggling to hold onto their belongings as the wind causes the umbrellas to flip inside out and the rain to fall diagonally and into faces instead of straight down.

Will FVHS administration see the logic behind this plea for January 23 to be a No School Day and promote the safety of the school’s students, teachers, and parents? Or will they ignore the health of the very people who make the high school the remarkable place it’s supposed to be?


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