My Experience with Sushi Rolls

Photo ©2009 by SubtlePanda [CC-by-2.0]
My reunion with sushi rolls was phenomenal. I don’t remember loving this particular food so much because the last time I’ve had a meal similar to this was a year ago at a Spring Festival that my school hosted.

My favorite dish at the sushi restaurant I went to served sushi rolls with bits of lobster placed on top of the rolls. The lobster had the right amount of warmth, not too cold and not too hot, and the sushi was nicely wrapped and cool to match the warm lobster bits.

Even the presentation of the rolls was a delight because the rolls were placed in a neat circle, and the food resembled a cake with the rolls like the bread and the lobster bits like the icing.

Although it was a fairly long wait for the food, I must admit that the wait was indeed worth the trouble. I cannot wait to return to my new favorite restaurant to try its other lovely dishes.


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