My S.Q.U.I.D. Reflection

Here are my top categories and tags for my blog.





I noticed that I like to write about my thoughts that involve questioning why things are the way they are or whether things can be changed for the better. In my life, I’ve always been told that questioning things is a good skill that allows me to have a better understanding of the world.

I also noticed that I like to write about my food experiences. This is because I live to eat rather than eat to live. I feel that food is a way to express yourself, whether you’re eating or making it. Food has allowed people of different cultures and countries to connect, and I enjoy experiencing the delicious foods I can find in my city.

Some patterns in my blog posts are that I connect many of my life experiences to the feeling of delight and I write a lot about things that I consider important.

To elaborate, I’ve written several posts on food, education, and holidays, and these are the topics that I naturally return to repeatedly. Food is essential to life because it provides sustenance for you to continue living. Education is a door that leads to an endless variety of opportunities for people to build their futures. Holidays are special days to spend with friends and family, and this love is important in discovering oneself.

The SQUID elements that I’ve most repeatedly returned to are question and delight. To better embrace the events around you, I encourage people to not simply accept everything that happens but to question it and to find delight in them.

If I were to go back and expand on a post, I’d add more personal insight to People are like Donuts. Connecting one of my favorite treats to a realizations are effective for me, especially because I can use donuts as an analogy for everyone. This post can connect not only to people but to books, houses, political organizations, etc.

Everyone and everyone have various characteristics about them that make them different from each other. This is the same way with donuts. Donuts have many flavors, toppings, and production methods. They can be paired with other drinks like coffee and milk or with other foods like cupcakes and brownies.


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