The Importance of Specifics

Source of Inspiration for post: Let’s Get Specific by Beth Johnson

Photo ©2015 by The Manic Macrographer [CC-by-2.0]
Beth Johnson talks about the importance of including specific details and shows variations of different literary writing with bland and boring information compared to writing with concrete details that show instead of tell.

This is a vital skill in writing because showing the readers the unique personality of a character or demonstrating the eeriness of a setting is much more interesting to read than simply telling the readers about this personality or what the setting is.

This concept of specificity can be applied to a variety of written works, including résumés, scientific papers, and novels. By hooking the reader into the work, the writer can maintain their attention with details that enhance the plot or thesis.

Using specific details can also benefit in other disciplines besides writing, such as in photography. The picture by The Manic Macrographer demonstrates that specific details, such as the shape of the water droplets, can draw in the viewers and excite them with the level of skill of photography.


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