Trump’s Spelling Errors

Photo ©2017 by airpix [CC-by-2.0]
The relationship between the ability to spell and the ability to lead effectively is controversial. It is true that a person may not be perfectly literate but still be a powerful leader; however, spelling words incorrectly may be a cause for disrepute.

This is the case with American President Mr. Trump’s Twitter account. People are at odds with his misspelled words because it wasn’t a one-time occurrence that he had made this kind of mistake.

Should we determine his ability to be a leader based on his and the White House’s spelling errors? The obvious answer is no since after all, there have been people in the past who are not literate but are influential leaders. Still, literacy is one sign of a person’s intellect, and Donald Trump seems to be a bit lacking in this area.

Simple yet misspelled words, such as “attakers [sic]” and “honered [sic],” bring negative attention to the  person who used that language. Therefore, I would advise the president to perhaps ask another person to proofread his message before hitting “tweet” because it’s better to be embarrassed in front of one person instead of millions.


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