Celebrity Opportunism

Photo ©2015 by Daniel Huizinga [CC-by-2.0]
In Ginia Bellafante’s article about celebrity activism, she talks about the irony that Hollywood is one of President Trump’s antagonists, yet his rise to presidency can only occur in a society that has embraced the “values of show business.” She also criticizes how some celebrities speak against or for certain matters but don’t follow through in actions.

I agree with this criticism to an extent because it isn’t enough for someone to merely speak on a topic and then no do anything that would cause change. However, I also disagree since speaking publicly on topic can increase awareness, which can lead to more people acting upon the topic.

This reminds of elections in middle and high schools where students run for positions such as secretary, president, etc. These students promise changes like better lunches and cleaner restrooms but this often become broken promises.

The more important matter that I’ve united with celebrity opportunism is centered on the US president and his administration and whether or not they will achieve the goals that they’ve set for the next four years. Their victories and successes in their objectives will affect an entire nation, including my family and me.


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