Why Planning is Important

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Every day, I depend on my planner because I make a list of everything I need to get done that day. This keeps me organized and allows me to have a schedule that I can easily follow. I believe that a planner is an essential item for everyone because writing down the things that they need to do relieves stress and helps a person develop important skills such as time management.

People organize their planners in many different ways (one way is through a bullet journal), but I am most familiar with one particular method because I have been using this method ever since I received a planner. My planner organizes by months and days. Some pages are dedicated to monthly calendars but most of the pages are large spaces separated by lines and specific dates. The empty spaces are to write down the things the person needs to do.

What’s special about my planner is that it has quotes and pieces of advice spread throughout the pages. These quotes and pieces of advice are often humorous and lighthearted so they easily brighten up my day.

I wonder what other methods people use to organize their days. I know that not everybody has a planner and even those with planners may not even use them. So how else would people remember everything they need to get done? What are other ways to have an orderly day without using a planner?










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