The Joy of Zines

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In Jonno Revanche’s article about zines, the author talks about the uncensored nature of zines, which makes the message of the booklet even more powerful because it isn’t monitored.

What delighted me about this article was the author’s incorporation of humor in the discussion of zines. He contrasts zines with browser histories and says that unlike browser histories, with zines, you don’t need to have to deal with the anxiety of having to remember to delete it. All you have to do is “hide it under your bed instead, or in a zipped inner sanctum within your school bag.”

When I first heard about zines, I didn’t know what it was, so Revanche’s connection between zines and the internet allowed me to have a better idea of what zines are. From the information that I’ve accumulated about this zines is that they were created to allow the maker to have a place to write down or even draw their ideas and spread their ideas without censorship.

The most exciting thing about zines is that they are almost like a mini-internet because anyone can create a zine, and the zine can be about whatever the person wants it to be about. Then these zines can be distributed and then anybody can read them.

It’s also interesting to flip through mini-magazines to see how authors or artists express their thoughts since zines take time and dedication and can be made be hand or on the computer.

The diversity of zines allow the public to enjoy a wide range of topics without having to spend too much time reading up on a certain things. Due to the shortening attention span of today’s society, zines are a great way to inform people on issues and events.


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