What do I see in my future?

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I’ve put a lot of thought into what I want my future to be like, what I want to experience, and who I want to make memories with. The purpose of this blog post is for me to read this years from now to see how I’ve changed or how I’ve continued to hold onto certain beliefs and values.

I’m currently in high school and I’m at that point in life when it’s important that you discover your talents and interests so that you’ll know what major you’ll pursue for four years or longer. I don’t have any exceptional talents even though I’ve been doing activities such as playing piano for the past ten years, but I do have interests in photography, scrap booking, reading fictional books, and numbers.

I’ve always been fairly good in mathematics. I’ve never been necessarily the best at it in any of my math courses throughout my life, but I do enjoy solving or organizing numbers and data. In fact, this year, I’ve discovered that I like making graphs, spreadsheets, and pretty much anything that has to do with arranging numbers to analyze.

Although people say that it’s best to find a career that you’re passionate in, my main goal in obtaining a job is to earn the most amount of money as I can (preferably more than $100 thousand annually) so that I can use this money to make the lives of friends and my significant other as fun and memorable as I can. The happiness of my significant other plays a huge part in my life decisions.

The next thing that I’ve taken into account is that I want to work in an office where my work is centered around the computer and where I can communicate with clients or other workers. I find that human connection and bonding enables me to improve as a person, and that’s what I intend to do for the rest of my life.

All of these interests, values, and other things that I will not talk about in this post led me to decide that I’ll follow the path of a certified public accountant for a Big 4 accounting firm. For some people, they’d say that I’m too rigid in my decisions and that I should experience life a little more and make these huge choices later on when I’m more exposed to other careers. After all, I’m still only in high school.

I understand this perspective, but for me, I can’t live life to the fullest when I don’t have a long-term goal, such as pursuing a certain career. Planning is also something that I consider vital, and I use it as a skill to chase other dreams in life while having one main objective to work toward.

Besides being a CPA, I imagine a financially stable life with my significant other in an apartment five years from today. I don’t want to have to deal with the pressures of mortgages due to the prices of houses increasing, and I have someone that I hold very dear to me. I imagine that we’ll both be attending graduate school now and that we both have jobs to support ourselves so that we won’t have to rely on the help of our parents.

Besides work, I want to experience the outdoors. Because my family prefers to stay indoors, I never really got the chance to have fun camping with close ones. As a conclusion, I plan on doing things like taking numerous hiking trips and visiting all the beaches of California with friends and my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I are fond of traveling despite not having not done much of it yet with our own families, so in the future, I would like to travel to other countries, such as South Korea and Japan, with him. We’d photograph everything to put into picture albums to show our future children the love we’ve shared since we were young and stupidly-in-love teenagers.

That’s the gist of what I see in my future. I have more detailed plans like what college I want to attend and what classes I’ll take there, but the detailednesss of those plans are not well-fitted for this post. I relish in the thought that I have so many things to look forward to in life, and they have kept me from getting too depressed about the failures and obstacles that I’ve faced. After all, as people say, life goes on.


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