Trump and Farms

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Natalie Kitroeff and Geoffrey Mohan’s article challenges Trump’s domestic policies because even though U.S. president has been pushing for more job openings for Americans, U.S. citizens have not been taking advantage of these openings.

As a result, American farm employers are suffering from shortages of workers and decreasing profits for their fruits and vegetables. In fact, agricultural companies, such as Silverado Farming, have employers personally approaching potential workers to offer them jobs that pay higher than the minimum wage.

I find that Trump’s policies to make America great again are inefficient, and his reputation for having a corrupt administration puts the country in an even worse position. I question whether the American conservatives still support the president’s decisions or are simply at a loss for his selfish and unintelligent choices.

I also question whether U.S. citizens are suspicious of Trump’s money-making schemes. After all, it seems as if he’s using his presidency to promote his family’s businesses. He targeted Nordstrom for dropping President Trump’s daughter’s (Ivanka Trump) clothing line. His action of criticizing a fashion company on his official presidential twitter account displays his true intentions as president: boosting his familial wealth and riches.

Despite his promise to “work tirelessly to achieve [Trump’s] campaign goals,” the goals that Trump publicized may not be his true objectives.


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