6 Places That’ll Make Your Spring Break Memorable

Photo ©2013 by Bill Holsinger-Robinson [CC-by-2.0]
Spring break is just around the corner, yet the fun and excitement of what is to come may not seem obvious. With only one week to cram in your pleasures, it is best to spend that time making memories that’ll last a lifetime. Here are six places in Orange County that are guaranteed to make your 2017 spring break unforgettable!

  1. Urban Seoul – As a culinary melting pot with borderless kitchens, this distinctive restaurant serves the best mixed culture foods. Their gogi sliders, chorizo fried rice, and pork belly tacos will amaze your taste buds and leave you wanting for more of their unique dishes. I recommend visiting during their Taco Tuesdays because you can order the delicious tacos for $1.75 each! The options include chicken, gogi, pork belly, spicy pork, and tofu. As a lover for Korean barbeque, I highly recommend the gogi tacos because the combination of soft corn tortillas, crunchy vegetables, and warm, juicy bulgogi beef is spectacular.
Chorizo Fried Rice. Photo Courtesy of urban-seoul.com
  1. Irvine Spa – After months of trying nights and daunting tests, many of Fountain Valley High School’s students may be seeking a place to relax and relieve their stress. Irvine Spa offers full body scrubs that removes dead skin cells, causing your skin to be conditioned and hydrated. Your body will thank you for that acupressure service and oil massage, which relieves tension in your head, neck, and shoulders. Remember to visit the saunas, lounges, pool areas, and light therapy rooms to truly experience the calming environment and relaxation the spa provides.
pool area
Pool Area. Photo Courtesy of irvinespa.com
  1. Pacific Marine Mammal Center – Whether you want to spend a day with your family, friends, or even significant other, Pacific Marine Mammal Center is the way to go. With no charges for visits, the center allows you to see marine animals bask in the sun and play in the pools. Because this institution’s purpose is to restore injured, sick, or starving sea lions and seals to health, you can observe the care of the oceanic animals while they receive tube feeding, wound care, etc. If you are lucky, you may be able to witness the release of a happy and healthy animal. This occurrence will warm your heart with happiness, knowing that the center successfully nursed it back to health. You may even wish to donate to help support the center in their mission to rescue marine animals.
Young California sea lion. Photo Courtesy of marinemammalcenter.org
  1. Pirate Coast Paddle Company – Nights during spring break can be uneventful, especially when you’re at home with nothing to do. Instead of staying home, you should try moonlit paddle boarding! At Pirate Coast Paddle Company, you can experience a nighttime adventure on water, which is something you definitely do not want to miss out on. These SUP Glow Night tours can consist up to twenty people, so you can invite your friends and family and have a gigantic get-together on water! Paddling under the moon could create a romantic atmosphere if you were to bring someone you want to impress. Equipped with boards that have waterproof LED lighting, this event will truly be a beautiful and thrilling adventure.
SUP Glow Night tours. Photo Courtesy of piratecoastpaddle.com
  1. Griffith Park Observatory – Looking for the perfect place to have a successful romantic evening with a loved one? Try skygazing at Griffith Park Observatory! You and your significant other can look up at the stars and other planets through free public telescopes. Just imagine this: a soft breeze ruffling your hair as you gaze across the beautiful night sky with your loved one. This is the memory you’ll keep in your heart forever if you visit the observatory with your other half. Falling deeper in love, you won’t regret spending an evening looking at the stars. You guys can even attend the public star party where you can speak to knowledgeable astronomers about the galaxy.
Griffith Observatory. Photo Courtesy of alumni.ucsd.edu
  1. Heisler Park – This picturesque oceanfront park in Laguna Beach is a wonderful place to spend an entire day with the people who make you happy. With its many walking trails, gardens, tide pools, and picnic tables, Heisler Park is a popular site for taking beautiful photos and making memories. After enjoying the beauty of the lush green nature, you can head down to Picnic Beach and splash around in the water. A spring break in California isn’t truly complete without a day spent at the beach!
Laguna Beach view. Photo Courtesy of visitlagunabeach.com


The closeness of spring break has both delighted and inspired me to come up with this list of things of fun things to do. I hope you embark on fun adventures and make your one-week break exciting and memorable!



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